The Best Garments Exporter in Bangladesh


The definition of export is selling or trading something from one country to another country. An example of export is clothing being shipped from Bangladesh to be sold in many countries. Garments exporter are incredibly important to modern clothing industries because they offer people and firms many more markets for their clothing products. By exporting cloth, one of the core functions of diplomacy and foreign policy between governments is growing faster, encouraging exports are benefits for earning a huge amount of foreign money. For more info go here.

Export has two types:

Direct Export: Direct export means exporting the clothing products directly to the end customers.

Indirect Export: This process does not export the products directly to the customers, instant of exporting the products directly to the direct customer, the team divides the process into some steps and distributes them according to the process.

There are some categories of exporters:

1.Merchant exporters: A merchant Exporter is a person who is engaged in trading activity and exporting or intending to export clothing products. Merchant exporter keeps materials from a manufacturer and exports in his firm’s name. Merchant exporter takes the order from the international market by merchant’s websites for clothing accessories export business. Merchant exporter does not have its own manufacturing unit to produce garments, clothing or apparel. Merchant Exporter can export goods either directly from the manufacturer, or without any kinds of export consignments, or through his premises under claim or bond.

1.Manufacturer exporters: A manufacturer Exporter is a person who manufactures clothing products and exports or intends to export produced clothing products or goods. The manufacturer’s exporter processes raw materials at his factory and exports finished products. The manufacturer exporter exports garments clothing products in their company name.

2.Service exporters: If merchant exporter or manufacturer exporter exports products, we can see the export product tangibly. If a service exporter exports products then the products can never be seen physically but helps to earn foreign money for our country or garments.

3.Project exporters: Project exporter exports products under the clothing company and export processes like designing, supply, manufacturing, commissioning, etc. By exchanging or exporting those things the clothing company gains foreign profit. This process is eligible for all assistance and support as project exports.

4.Deemed exporters: In deemed exports, clothing products supplied do not move out of the country, and payment for such supplies is received either in Bangladeshi taka or in foreign money. In deemed exports, there is another way to transacting boost into foreign exchange. Deemed exporters are also eligible for government assistance within the parameters of earning foreign exchange.

5.Export Agent: Export agents normally collect the order and according to this order they collect products from exporters and sell them to the importers. The manufacturer exporter procures and processes raw materials at his factory and exports finished products. The manufacturer exporter procures the export order and exports in its name. Again they analyze the market. Both parties give them a commission.