Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

SAASTECH FASHION is for the established brand, medium-sized brand, or independent fashion design and design entrepreneur. We provide a to z services for the apparel fashion business like Fashion design, tech packs Design, pattern making, product development or sampling, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, 3D design and Animation, can handle all things garment related.

Yes, of course, our support team is always ready to welcome new customers, let’s grow together. Contact us

We work with cotton, Pima cotton, Giza cotton, Supima cotton, bamboo cotton, Tencel, lyocell, viscose, silk, cashmere, wool, alpaca, vicuña, linen, nylon, polyamide, and recycled polyester.

This question is really open and the possibilities are endless, but as a reference, our largest volume textiles are Jersey, Interlock, French Terry, Fleece, Polar fleece, coral fleece, Rib, and Pique. We can provide a full array of other knits and woven though, in accordance with the needs of your specific garment or apparel design concept.

MOQ= Minimum Order Quantity

MCQ= Minimum Color Quantity

Our clothing factory offers flexible MOQ’s. For mid-size and small brands, we recommend Grow Fast or Professional MOQs because they provide enough inventory to maintain low risk and still generate profits that you can reinvest in your brand, MOQ really depends on the styling or design & materials so for perfect MOQ for your project please contact us.

Why not, we can quote your garment in your local currency. Also you can convert USD to your currency what we will do the same.

Price Quotations are valid for 7 days.

Of course, our support team always welcome you to visit our office and factory, we can arrange factory visits with advanced notice.

Our garment factory takes pride in offering fast lead times & creating custom strategies that fit you. Our average Lead time is 20-40 Days but this can vary depending on the project and client.

We completely understand the desire to know a little bit about the price because at the end of the day, the profitability and price point are what defines garment success. It is hard to give a strong quotation without knowing more about what you need. Before asking for a quote, maybe you can provide us a little bit more about what you do. The main info we will need are:

What garment?

What fabric?


Delivery Type?

Is this a luxury, premium economy, or economy level?

Is this a new brand?

You can contact us for pricing here.

Unfortunately, we do not have any price Chart, as all of our pricing is custom made by our clients’ needs. However, we do have a company profile we can provide. Just click here to get it.

SAS-TECH BD believes that it is our responsibility to protect the creativity of the customer, we do not share client names or examples of their garments or work. We value their imagination and creativity too much and we vow to protect each of our clients’ garments and apparel ideas. Rest assured, we would never share your brand name either also!


We can start with your idea, also we can work from your image, tech pack, and sketch. We will take step after receiving your documents.

Yes, we provide all serving as an individual or together, with manufacturing or without manufacturing as a customer need, for know more about our services please go here.

If you work with us for the development and the production of your collection, then you will have guidance from an expert team, with years of expertise and experience. We will be taking care of everything (raw material procurements, pattern making, and sampling, logistics, production quantity calculations, etc). You will be guided towards the best cost-efficient and quality solution in the shortest time possible. This allows you to focus on other areas of your business, like growing your brand by focusing your time on leadership, marketing, PR, and sales.

Of course, you will just need to let us know your goal, your garment type, market to approach, and price level. We will provide the best solution for your project.

No, we do not accept raw materials provided by clients. We can accept a few items, like your tags and other trims. In which your brand name will be written, as a full-package manufacturer, we produce your fabric and make your clothing, handling all aspects related to your apparel manufacturing.

We would begin with taking your idea, image or sketches and turning them into technical designs. At the same time, we have to perform sourcing of all raw materials and get your approval on those raw materials, so that we can then price out the garments for you. If you are at all concerned about unit price today, that is understandable.

Payment Method

The payment method is decided on an order to order basis. Contact us for a quote today.


We can take care of all your shipping needs for you. We offer two methods of shipping –

1: Via courier, if we’re sending small packages (samples, tag books, fabric headers).

2: Via 3PL (3rd party logistics) if we’re sending your bulk production.

Conversely, we can work with your courier account or freight forwarding company if you are already working with one.

Phe prices can vary depending on the shipping method, product quantity and time:

Overall volumetric weight

Freight method (air, ocean)

Current fuel prices we do our very best to keep costs to a minimum. We do have a better cost projection towards the end of your development.

We are always happy to help you anyway, please contact us for more info.